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Ultra Femme 360 Non-Surgical
Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment

BLT Ultra 360 Femme POP_eng.jpeg

Combining ultrasound with unipolar radio frequency technology, Ultra Femme 360 stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, tightens the vaginal walls, improves the elasticity of the inner and outer vulva, and restores the skin’s firmness and appearance.


3x increase in elastin

2x increase in collagen levels!


Treatment Benefits:

  • Strengthens the vaginal walls, maintains the naturally low acidic environment of the vagina, and restores vaginal health

  • Improves bladder control and enhances sexual satisfaction

  • Increases healthy vaginal secretions 

  • The vulva regains firmness, elasticity and youthful radiance

  • Reduces wrinkles and prevents bacterial growth

95% of women are satisfied with the improvement in the appearance of their genitals

94% of women found the treatment painless

100% of users are satisfied with improved sexual satisfaction


Only 30 minutes for each treatment!

100% safe, painless with no downtime

Best treatment results are seen after 3 months

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