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Frequently Asked Questions

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How soon after giving birth can I start binding my belly?

About 2 weeks after a vaginal delivery, when the perineal wound has healed, and the lochia (vaginal discharge after delivery) has been cleared.   For mothers who have undergone a caesarean section, the internal and external wounds need to be completely healed before treatment can commence. This usually takes about 6 – 8 weeks. Do consult a doctor during your postpartum examination to determine if you can proceed with belly binding.  Most mothers usually start belly binding treatments after a 1-month confinement period, when the body has had sufficient time to heal. 


I have been postpartum for many years, will belly binding still work for me?

Yes, it still can. After giving birth, the body is able to recover slowly but naturally over time. However, most postpartum mothers experience a separation in their rectus abdominis muscles (diastasis recti) which gives them the appearance of a false pregnant belly. Belly binding can help to close this gap between the muscles even years after giving birth. Our highest record to date is a mother who was 18 years postpartum. After completing 10 belly binding treatments, there were very obvious signs of improvement.


Due to pregnancy, my arms and thighs are now so swollen. Can I bind the swelling away?

Water retention cannot be bound away, but belly binding is effective for repairing the separation in the rectus abdominis muscles. The positioning of the arms and thighs are usually what causes edema. However, swelling can be effectively treated with a lymphatic drainage massage using green coffee massage oil to eliminate excess buildup of fluid in the body, arms and legs.


How many belly binding sessions do I need before I start seeing results?

10 sessions of treatment are usually required. In addition to closing the gap of the rectus abdominis muscles, the externally-expanded skeleton also needs time to repair and get back into shape. Most mothers are satisfied with their treatment results after completing an average of 10 sessions. However, more treatment sessions are required for more severe cases of rectus abdominis separation. We will normally suggest to start with 10 sessions of treatment, before reassessing again accordingly based on each mother’s individual needs.   


I'm breastfeeding, will it matter?

It is completely safe to undergo belly binding treatments while breastfeeding. Tanamera products are made of all natural ingredients, and are free of preservatives, artificial dyes, flavors, and chemicals that can be harmful to BB. Tanamera products are also manufactured in a GMP factory and are ISO 9001 certified. 


Will wearing the Tanamera belly wrap make it difficult to use the bathroom?

The belly wrap’s cinch strap design makes it easy for you to use the bathroom. All you need to do is unfasten the black button attached and pull up the small strap before using the bathroom. You can then easily secure it again after.


Can I walk around normally when wearing the belly wrap?

The wrap is tied from the buttocks all the way up to the base of the chest, and does not hinder the movement of your legs. So it shouldn’t be a problem to sit down, bend over, and move around freely.


Do I have to go back to the store every day after each session?

It is recommended to wear the belly wrap for 8 hours a day for several consecutive days, before resting intermittently for 1 – 2 days, and following up with several more consecutive days of wear. Most mothers choose to wear the wrap from Monday to Friday, and rest on Saturday and Sunday.

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