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Our Brand Philosophy 

Inspired by Nature, Trusted Traditions

  • We are committed to using only pure and natural ingredients in our products

  • We aim to provide mothers with the most authentic traditional belly binding treatment experience at Herbal Senses

  • As mothers ourselves, we understand what mothers needs and are committed to serving mothers with the greatest care, consideration and understanding

  • We strive to keep our prices affordable, transparent, and accessible to all mothers


With this herbal philosophy in mind, we bring you Tanamera Malaysia's Traditional Abdominal Binding Treatment!


Founded in 2017, this treatment has now aided more than thousands of mothers in Hong Kong. We also currently have several hundred 5-star recommendations from mothers on our Facebook page. Mothers sharing their wonderful results post-treatment is a testament to the efficacy of this age-old practice of postpartum belly binding.


Malaysians places great importance on a postpartum mother’s physical and mental wellbeing. We understand that the process of giving birth can take a physical and mental toll on mothers. That’s why we strongly believe in the power of natural ingredients and age-old techniques to help mothers heal and recover after childbirth. Through postpartum massage, hot herbal compresses and traditional belly binding treatments, we want mothers to experience a relaxing spa-like atmosphere, help them to relieve postpartum fatigue, and to nurture their bodies back into their pre-pregnancy state.


To support our herbal philosophy and initiatives, Herbal Senses has also introduced various FDA-certified products and treatments. In addition to our traditional abdominal binding treatment, we hope that mothers can continue to enjoy other Herbal Senses' nourishing treatments at an affordable price point, so that they can continue to exude health and confidence on the inside and out.


Products We Use

Our traditional belly binding treatment uses all natural ingredients from Tanamera Malaysia.


All Tanamera products are free of parabens, harmful chemicals, artificial dyes and fragrances free, are not tested on animals, and are GMP factory and ISO 9001 certified.


The Jamu Belly Mask (an herbal belly mask) used in our abdominal binding treatment contains a healing blend of 3 different types of ginger and natural herbs. It helps with lymphatic drainage and detoxification and gives a body-firming effect without affecting the baby. It is also suitable for breastfeeding mothers.


Our Therapists’ Experience

All our therapists are officially recognized by Tanamera Malaysia, and are taught and certified by the Chief Instructor of Tanamera. All our therapists have also studied and passed their postpartum belly binding courses in Jamu Spa School in Indonesia with the highest Distinction. Demonstrating the utmost professionalism and reliability are the core values of our therapists here at Herbal Senses.


Additionally, each therapist has over ten years’ worth of experience in massage therapy, and is closely familiar with lymphatic drainage massage, which not only helps mothers relieve fatigue, but also effectively detoxifies the body and expels wind from the belly. Each therapist has also served hundreds of mothers and is highly experienced in prenatal and postpartum care.


Our therapists are committed to focusing solely on mothers’ wellbeing during treatment and will never push or sell products and services during the course of the treatment. We want to ensure that mothers are able to rest comfortably and fully immerse themselves in the treatment experience in a relaxing and hassle-free environment. 


Our Store Environment

The design of the store is minimalistic and comfortable. Here in this space, it is our hope that mothers can truly enjoy moments of relaxation and tranquility during their visits.


The lighting here is kept soft, calming music is played to help mothers relax, and the air is infused with a fragrant aroma to soothe and invigorate the senses.


Everything in the store is spaced out sufficiently for ease of flow and movement.


In terms of materials, we settled on Hokkaido Wakkanai diatomite instead of regular paints. Not only is it free of toxic formaldehyde, but it also serves to purify the air. Guests can rest easy knowing that the space is created with their health, safety and environment in mind.

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