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Essential Oil Eucalyptus 10ml



Tanamera Essential Oils are carefully selected to reflect the core values of Tanamera-100% natural and of the highest standard. Tanamera offers a full a comprehensive range of essential oils to satiate the needs of every individual.

Benefit of Essential Oil Eucalyptus:-
– Treats asthma and other respiratory problems
– Clears lungs and reduces inflammation
– Promotes faster healing of wounds, cuts and sores
– Effective against dental cavities
– Treats lice and skin infection
– Effective in lowering joint and muscle pain
– Stimulates mental activity and aids in treating stress


How To Use

Vaporization: Add a few (5-8) drops of essential oils to water in an oil burner.

Massage: Add 5 drops (1/4ml) to 10 ml of Tanamera Carrier oil

Tanamera Essential Oil Eucalyptus 10mll

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