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Empowering Mothers to Feel Confident in Their Own Bodies

After pregnancy, changes in breast shape and size is a major concern for many mothers.

In addition to breastfeeding concerns, mothers also have to worry about the deformation and sagging of their breasts.

This breast lifting treatment involves the use of manual massage techniques to help mothers address their concerns of postpartum breast sagging, maintain breast health, restore prenatal beauty, and boost their body confidence.


  • Softens the breasts, unblocks the milk ducts and increases milk supply
  • Effectively relieves swelling and pain, improves production of prolactin
  • Improves the appearance of the breasts and enhances the bust line
  • Clears lymphatic blockages and prevents lumps from forming
  • Helps to unclog the mammary glands, to prevent breast hyperplasia and mastitis

60-minute home service Breast Lifting Treatment 5 sessions

HK$9,900.00 Regular Price
HK$2,500.00Sale Price
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