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90 minute spa

Experience the traditional ancient method

75 minutes massage

Massage the back first, because the back has the bladder meridian, which is also the body's largest detoxification and dehumidification channel. Through back massage, dredge the bladder meridian, effectively help mother to get rid of garbage and toxins in the body!

Massage the neck and shoulders to help mother relax

Massage the belly to help my mother drive away wind, drain, and detoxify

Use grass balls to heat the belly and inner thighs to help mothers contract their uterus

15 minutes-traditional ancient method

Apply natural abdomen repair powder to reduce stretch marks, expel wind, drain and detoxify

Finally, help mother to tie the Tanamera cotton girth, from the arm to the bottom of the chest, to help tighten the buttocks, disc bones and belly

The above includes a Tanamera ancient cotton girth belt (worth HK$380), and the amount of products required for the treatment, including Tanamera pure natural massage oil, grass balls, and natural belly repair powder.

The doctor will check the separation of the mother's rectus abdominis first, and will recommend the mother to do the number of treatments.

Mothers can decide how many times to participate according to their needs. Never sell hard.

15 次上門 90 分鐘 SPA 體驗傳統古法紥肚療程 - 50%訂金

HK$40,200.00 Regular Price
HK$13,125.00Sale Price
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