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【Letters to Kalie Mama | 1】"Is it better to use more binding ties for belly binding?

【Letters to Kalie Mama | 1】"Is it better to use more binding ties for belly binding? I've seen some treatments that say using three strips of binding ties will yield better results. Is that true?" — Carol Mum.

Dear Carol Mum,

Lately, many mothers like you have had the same question. Frankly, using more binding ties does not necessarily lead to better results. First, let's learn about the standard methods used in belly-binding treatments available in the market. Many Hong Kong belly-binding treatments adopt the traditional Malay-style "Knot Tying Belly Binding" method, which involves wrapping tens of metre-long cotton cloth around the mother's body and then tying multiple knots to tighten the chest and abdomen.

To prevent the knots from loosening, some belly-binding practitioners will add a layer of binding ties on top of the first layer and secure it using the "Indonesian Balinese Binding" method. Recently, some practitioners even claimed adding a third layer of binding ties can enhance the shaping effect. However, this is akin to buying a new smartphone. It is commonly agreed on the belief that a protective case is necessary. But how about putting two more cases on it? It might increase protection but, on the other hand, sacrifices convenience and comfort. With summer approaching, imagine how suffocating it would be to have three layers of cotton cloth wrapped around your body.

In fact, the traditional Malay-style "Knot Tying Belly Binding" method is no longer popular in Malaysia. It has been gradually replaced by the new "Palace Shoelace Girdle Style Belly Binding" method. This new method is like tying shoelaces, using a criss-cross binding way to replace the knots for securing the chest, abdomen, pelvic and hip bones. This method is more effective than traditional knot-tying and is relatively more comfortable during binding. In addition, the binding ties do not shift easily, so there is no need for additional layers for fixing or shaping. This is like having a lightweight phone case that can provide water, dust and drop protection. With it, why would you need to put on more phone cases?

About Kalie mama

🟢 Mother of two, Founder of Herbal Senses

🟢 Experienced belly-binding practitioner certified in Malaysia and Indonesia, also holding accreditations in Chinese massage therapy, baby massage, lymphatic drainage, postnatal massage, and baby first aid.

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