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Exilis Ultra 360 Eye Lifting Treatment

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British BTL EXILIS Ultra 360 Eye Lifting Treatment

A unique laser treatment that effectively removes eyebags and fine lines around the eyes! 


Combining the world's first FDA-certified ultrasound with unipolar radio frequency technology, a laser effectively targets the skin around the eyes and increases collagen levels by 3 times to tackle the four major skin concerns around the eyes:


1. Eyebags

Accurately fits the eye socket with a patented probe to accelerate circulation around the eyes

Stimulates collagen production and strengthens subcutaneous tissue support

Reduces the protrusion of fat and prevents the formation of eyebags


2. Fine Lines

Stimulates collagen production around the eyes and remodels the structure of the underlying muscles

Smooths out lines and wrinkles around the eyes


3. Dark Circles

Patented probe allows heat to penetrate every inch of skin around the eyes

Promotes blood circulation around the eyes

Thickens the protective layer of collagen to cover blood vessels and reduce the appearance of dark circles


4. Droopy Eyes

Lifts the eye contour and improves sagging under the eyes


Medically proven to reverse the age of eye muscles:

  • Improves firmness by +35%, remove eye bags

  • Reduces wrinkles by -42%, smooth eye lines

  • Increases skin density by +19%, reduces dark circles

  • Repairs photodamage by -33%, protects skin from further photodamage


Effective after just one session, absolutely safe, powerful and painless!


4 courses of treatment last for one year

*The best results can be seen after 3 months

BTL 隔空溶脂療程

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