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Malaysia Bentong Ginger Powder 30gm


Now $128


Free of pesticides, preservatives, artificial dyes and fragrance

Main Ingredient: Bentong Ginger

  • 100% all natural and handmade
  • Made with premium Bentong Ginger from Bukit Tinggi, Malaysia
  • Made in Malaysia

Our all natural Malaysia Bentong Ginger Powder is made of premium Bentong Ginger from Bukit Tinggi, Malaysia. Dried ginger has a stronger warming effect than regular ginger, and its medicinal benefits are 1.5 times that of regular ginger.

Ginger itself is made up of two components – Shogaol and Gingerol. Shogaol is beneficial in aiding weight loss, promoting blood circulation, boosting immunity as well as improving overall digestion and nutrient absorption. On the other hand, Gingerol can help to relieve headaches and nausea, warm up the body and improve overall blood circulation.


  • Improves blood circulation
  • Enhances appetite
  • Warms up the womb, body, hands and feet, and relieves menstrual pain
  • Improves coughs and prevent colds
  • Relieves headaches, dizziness, flatulence, nausea and vomiting

Suitable for:

  • Those prone to motion sickness
  • Cold discomfort
  • Stomach upset, indigestion
  • Loss of appetite
  • Women on menstruation
  • Daily health


  • Dissolve ginger powder in hot water and stir before drinking

Add it to stir-fry dishes or soups! You can replace 1 tablespoon of fresh ginger with half a teaspoon of our Bentong ginger powder

Malaysia Bentong Ginger Powder 30gm

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